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With over 40 years of customer-oriented innovative vision, FORMMETAL produces agricultural machinery and automotive parts. As a sector leader, Formmetal offers solutions to its valued customers with continuously developing technologies.


Established in 1979, Formmetal is a supplier in agricultural machinery and automotive parts sector, as well as producing other cold-formed metal parts and products for various purposes.
With our storage pallets, you can both stock up the parts safely and deliver them comfortably and easily. Our cases can be carried with forklifts, pallet trucks and lifters. You can easily put the sheet cases one on top of the other and save space. Also with special pallet types such as open bottom scrap pallets, you can easily and safely do discharging besides carrying.
Tractor baskets are the solution for orchards and such narrow areas and mostly used on narrow tractor series on which trailers are not suitable. It’s bottom is crush-resistant by the elevation and the back cover can be opened as well.
The Raised Access Floor Systems, has created new space to apply in places where heating and cooling systems, power, voice and data services are used, as well as all of the cables in a desired direction of movement.
With our CNC laser cutting machines, profiles, pipes, aluminum and stainless steel cutting can be performed with high quality and speed as well as cutting the sheet metals up to 30 mm. We also provide Oxygen cutting, electrostatic powder and wet painting services.