Formmetal, beginning its activity in 1979 as a small business, started to the production of cold formed spare parts as a sub-industry for tractors.
The company taking its facilities in the Ostim Industrial Zone into activity in 1993, has expanded its facilities to an extent of three times bigger by adding MKE road cylinders, steel construction and construction vehicles spare parts with the title of “Formmetal Co. Ltd.”
In 2001, it established its central factory in Ankara 1st Industrial Zone where it maintains its activity in the fields of tractor and construction vehicles parts, conveyor pallets and elevated floor infrastructure.
In 2003, it started its activity in the wood sector and thus became capable of manufacturing all the components of the raised floor systems within its own structure.
Formmetal moved to its new head-plant, where present production is carried, in 2018.
Now capable of manufacturing metal parts over 3000 tons per year, Formmetal
operates on an area of over 17000 m2 indoor facilities.